Lee's Bakery

                                        Jimmy's Review:

  Located on the corner of Olive Street and Stanhope Road Lees bakers are one of the

last traditional bakers shops left in the town. The first thing that strikes you when you

first walk in the door of Lee's is that lovely smell that you only get in a bakers shop of

fresh bread and cakes. (its just not the same when you visit a bakers that's in these large

supermarkets these days)

  Lees offer a wide choice of fresh baked goods and a word of warning if your on a diet

and have a sweet tooth, stay away from their cakes and tarts counter or you will regret

it the next day you hit the scales.


'' A real treat and so much choice. No wonder they are award winners.

We keep coming back for more.''

Stephen and Larissa Terry, Sunderland

  I have purchased a number of celebration cakes and have never been disappointed. You get exactly what you ask for; fresh and good value for money.
  I regularly purchase other bakery products such as bread, gateaux and pies and none have been a disappointment. The staff are always pleasant no matter what time of day you visit and make you feel like a valued customer no matter how small the purchase. Hope 2012 brings new and exciting products.

 Linda Campbell, South Shield